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Aerial Health Check

From time to time, your TV may temporarily stop receiving picture or sound. TV pictures may become poor quality or you may be unable to receive them at all.

Sometimes, this can be down to something as simple as your TV Aerial or Satellite dish just moving out of alignment following bad weather conditions, it could be a low signal or even just faulty connections.

Skyline Aerials & TV Services offers a Health Check service to customers in Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and all surrounding areas, where for a minimal charge, I can come out to assess why you may be experiencing issues. Within this service, I will test and check your TV Aerial or Satellite system to find what could be causing the problems.

Should it be something quick and simple to fix, then in most cases I can usually rectify it there and then for you and no additional charges will be applied. However, should the health check reveal that there is more to the problem, then options will be discussed with you on what can be done and an estimate will be given for the work that is required. 

In the majority of cases, I will try to resolve any issues before I leave, so as not to leave you without TV. However, sometimes it may be necessary to re-schedule a time that is convenient to both parties to fix the problem if it is a bigger and more involved job to do. 

To arrange a Health Check, please either call me on 07835 794754 or please visit my contact page for alternative contact methods.

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