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TV Wall Mounting Service

More and more, customers are wanting their TV's mounted on walls to free up much needed floor space and to do away with big, bulky furniture to sit them on and to be free of the tangles of wires.

In the majority of cases any TV can be fitted to the wall whether it be a Plasma, LCD or LED TV and all the cables can be completely hidden by chasing them into the walls. Stud walls are easiest for hiding cables, however there are other options available to disguise and hide them as best as possible, should you decide you don't wish to have them chased in. I can discuss all options with you.

Pictured below are a few examples of previous TV wall mounting jobs I have done for my customers. Please click on the thumbnail for a larger image. I can however, create a more bespoke service and build a unit to encase the TV into. Please click here for more information. I can also help you choose and set up a new TV with my Smart TV Help service

If this is a service you would be interested in, then please get in touch for a free quote on 07835 794754

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