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Smart TV Set up Service

Most televisions you can buy are now Smart TV's. This means they already have Freeview, internet and other integrated applications and functions installed within them.

This allows users to do a variety of things through their TV set in addition to just watching normal channels, such as streaming music or videos, connecting your mobile smart phone to view your photos or connecting games consoles to it, plus much more.

However to those of us born before the millennium, this can be a confusing mine field of information as we are perhaps not as technology minded as we'd like, and so perhaps don't use the smart TV's to their full capacity, nor fully understand their capability; some functions of which could perhaps be very useful to us. 

Smart TV Help
Help and guidance

If you already have a smart TV, or you are about to purchase one and find the whole concept daunting, I can help you with my Smart TV set up service.

For a small charge, I can come to you and talk you through how everything works, how to use your remote control and show you just exactly what you can do, and access, through your television.

Or, in addition to the basic help service, I can provide a bespoke quotation that can include helping you choose which television to purchase that is best suited to your requirements, collecting and delivering it to you, through to mounting it on your wall. This Smart TV help service can be completely tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Give me a call to find out more or to book an appointment 07835 794754

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